Point Cloud Exploitation Tools

The World’s Most Powerful GIS Environment for LIDAR and Photogrammetric Point Cloud Processing

Whether from airborne LIDAR or drone collected imagery, 3D point clouds have become a critical base mapping layer. LP360 provides tools from rapid visualization and derived product generation through advanced features such as automatic ground classification and building footprint extraction.


What LP360 Customers Say

“LP360 has significantly reduced the amount of time (and rework) necessary for hydrographic breakline generation. The downstream conflation tasks for double sided drains are the most effective that I have seen, by far.”
- Jeremy Mullins, GRW

“LP360 has provided us with a reliable and robust platform for visualizing and processing our LIDAR data; it has assisted us in various GIS analysis tasks, the construction of hydraulic models, and has allowed us to look closely at the elevation data in our community. ”
- John Refolo, San Antonio River Authority

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Modify the Scan Angle Filter

The Scan Angle Property page allows you to customize settings for filtering points based on their Scan Angle values for display or for performing point cloud tasks, similar to a Class filter or Return value filter.Read More

Automatic Stockpile Toe Extraction

LP360 includes a Point Cloud Task (PCT) that will automatically digitize the toe of a clean stockpile and can allow for the classification of overhead structures such as conveyors. This tool saves considerable time when computing stockpile volumetrics.Read More

Exporting points in DGN Format

Point data can be exported into Bentley’s MicroStation design file format using the LP360 Export Wizard.Read More

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