Point Cloud Exploitation Tools

LP360 — Advanced

for Automated Point Cloud Tools

Available as both a standalone Windows application and as an extension to ArcGIS.

LP360 Advanced edition enables a framework for automatically classifying features in 3D LIDAR point clouds and subsequently extracting and creating data layers from classified points. Advanced edition provides users with customizable classification and extraction parameters through an easy-to-use Point Cloud Task management interface. Point Cloud Tasks can be linked together to form a robust processing chain. Point cloud filtering and extraction algorithm results can be viewed prior to large scale deployment using a processing preview window.

Automatic Ground Classification and Model Key Point Creation Tools

The LP360 automatic Ground Classification is a configurable point cloud task (PCT) that allows for comprehensive classification of flat or hilly terrain. The Model Key Points (MKP) Point Cloud task intelligently thins the dataset to create surface models with a user specified vertical accuracy using fewer points where possible to define flat or sloped areas.

automatic ground classification point cloud tasks in LP360

Automatic Feature Extraction

To automatically extract features from LIDAR/point cloud is a very powerful and useful ability. Whether you need to extract polygons for buildings footprints or vegetation, LP360 Advanced has the tools you need. Using the automatic point cloud tools allow you to save time in collecting this very valuable information that can be used in a variety of different analysis workflows from planning to greenspace ordinance compliance.

Automatic Building Extraction and Squaring in LP360 Advanced

Automatic Rail Alignment Extraction and Top of Rail Classification

The LP360 Rail Extraction tools for LIDAR data automatically extract a rail alignment (centerline) vector as well as classify “top of rail”. The alignment is collected as a set of 3 dimensional vectors in Shape file format. The top of rail points have their Classification Attribute set to the user’s choice of class number being used for rail (10 is the industry standard).

LP360's Rail Extraction Point Cloud Task

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