Point Cloud Exploitation Tools

LP360 Viewer

for Point Cloud Visualization

LP360 Viewer is a powerful free stand-alone application that allows direct loading and visualization of LIDAR or photogrammetrically generated (LAS) 3D point clouds. LP360 Viewer includes an extensive range of import formats (ASCII, Mr. Sid) and viewing capabilities. The point cloud can be viewed in the map, profile and 3D windows using a multitude of filtering characteristics such as view by classification, intensity, and elevation just to name a few. It also allows for displaying the point cloud in several configurations of a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) as well as dynamically generating and displaying contours. All this is easily accomplished by the built-in maneuvering tools such as step-wise zoom in, zoom out, pan, fit, quick move to previous and continuous zoom of display. This and much, much more is available in the Free LP360 Viewer.

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