LP360 2021.1 Release Notes

New Features

Export Maximum Elevation Raster Grid - This toll was added specifically for the USGS requirement to generate an elevation model where each post represents the highest elevation in the cell. Tool is part of the Export Wizard

Move Selected LAS files to Layer - Allows user to easily move selected LAS files from one layer to another. Available from the LAS files tab right click menu.

Merge LAS Layers -  Command added to Table of Contents Right Click Menu

Open File Location In Explorer  - Command added to LAS files tab right click menu.

StripAlign For EVO (SAfE) - Special version of the BayesMap Solutions LLC geometric correction tool created for GeoCue to perform strip alignments without leaving EVO environment. Accessed via the True View Utilities toolbar. StripAlign for EVO Licensing available in Account section of True View Reckon Admin Client.

Job Manager - New tool to manage queued processing tasks from StripAlign for EVO and Metashape fro EVO. Can be accessed from the Display and Navigation toolbar.

Color By Image PCT - New Point Cloud Task that is used to colorize point cloud data from a raster layer.

Extra Bytes Added to Live View and Filters - Can now view data a sort using Extra Bytes.

Catalog Function added to Project Manager - Allows users to add all local projects to a table there the projects details can be viewed. Project Manager is accessed via the Display and Navigation toolbar.

Export Explorer Package - Creates a zip archive of Layers selected in Project Manager. Open Explorer Package Added to Open options in File Menu will import and create a new project from an Explorer Package.

Create True Pose Photos



Planer Point Filter PCT Performance Enhancements

Metashape Driver Support Added - Code now takes advantage of new Job Manager allowing users to automatically insert Metashape results back into the original Project.

True View Firmware versions added to Accuracy Report

Low/Isolated Points PCT Improvements

Improvements to Extra Bytes Performance

Live View TIN/Points Selector Clarified

Live View Eye Dropper Sampling From Profile View Added

Universal Reckon Log-in Settings

Invert Mouse Wheel added to Project Settings

Tolerance Setting Added to Downstream Testing in Feature Analyst

Persistent Grid Display While Panning

New Startup Dialog - Startup dialog includes Open Existing Project, Create New Project, Import EVO Explorer Package, and License Manager.

Default Project Root Folder Added to Project Settings

Significant Improvements to Power Line Extraction Point Cloud Task

Auto Create Flight Lines Can Include Turning Points

Auto Run Colorize LIDAR Data added to GeoCue LIDAR Dialog

Updated Calibration File Selection

Added Override APX Lever Arms and Orientation to POSPac Wizard

Update EXIF Tags Added to Create Trajectories

3D Points Option Added to Grid Generator Point Cloud Task

Restrict Port Range Added to Auto-Download Ephemeris Port Settings

DJI 210 RTK and M300 RTK Added to Guest Sensors

Conjugate Point 3D Tool Added to Image Explorer


Bug Fixes

Profile View Bug Workaround - On certain machines, LP360/EVO will crash when displaying Profile view. We have not been able to track down the bug because we do not have a machine on which the defect occurs. We discovered that when using Open Graphic version 1.1, this bug does not seem to occur. Therefore, we have added the ability to change the Open Graphics version to 1.1 to the Global settings tab of the Project Settings dialog. Project Settings can be accessed through the File menu.