LP360 2020.1 Release Notes

New Features

Added support for Chinese (simplified) language with "Ctrl+C" shortcut to run LP360 in Chinese.

Added support for Geoid18 for NAVD88 (covers Conterminous US, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands).

Added Point Cloud Tasks:

Added to Live View: Blend Classification mode to Map, Profile and 3D views; Display Updates options added, New Edge of Flightline Flag Filter.

Added "Open Location in Explorer" command to Table of Contents Right-Click Menu which opens the associated file folder.

Added new Map Grid display option to the 2D Map View, accessed from File-->Project Settings-->Global.

Added True View Workflow and True View Utilities Toolbars.

Added Create Seawall Feature tool to Feature Edit Toolbar.

Added Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG) as new export format.


Modifications to Existing Features


Defect Fixes